Just Enough Brains

A Macabre Tale by Steve Sibra

Every animal has just enough brains to preserve its own hide – dead or alive.

 It took Adrian a year to learn how to properly skin a human being.  He studied on the process and then he practiced.  There were quite a few setbacks.  But eventually he got it down.

 Now tanning the hide, that was even more difficult.  First it had to be carefully dried; then he used a mixture composed of dog shit, cow shit and his own urine in order to soak it and massage it and soften it.  Over time this would remove the hair follicles as well . . . but he had to let it all sit and soak.  Sometimes for months.  He had to be able to scrape the hide without damaging it.  It took lots of practice.  Lots and lots of practice.  But his mother had always been so happy with how good he was with his hands.  So this accomplishment gave him great pride and satisfaction.

 One of the final steps was to add the brains to the mixture.  Cedar oil was a good tanning agent when he could get it.  The mixture of feces, urine, brains and other ingredients would sit with the skins soaking in it for many, many weeks.  It did not smell pleasant.  Adrian could never get the smell off himself.  Another reason to just stay away from people who were still alive.

 Or if he encountered them — another reason to not let them live for long.  They would always complain.

 Doing the skin from the head, the scalp and face – – this was the most difficult to maneuver through the tanning process.  But for Adrian, it was the most rewarding and the only part he truly loved.  If he did his job right, when he was done he could stretch the skin of the person’s head over his own.  He could position the eyes and nose holes, and the mouth, to match his own facial features. 

 Adrian would prance around the shack, naked except for the face of his victim.  He would imitate the voice of the person whose face he was wearing.  Late at night the sounds of high pitched squeals emanated from the rickety building.  The birds and raccoons would never approach the place.

 “Oh my God!  Oh my sweet God!” Adrian would mimic the pathetic creatures.  “Please don’t kill me!  Oh God oh no, please!  Please!  I will do anything!  What do you want?  What do you want from me?”

 Adrian danced in the moonlight that came through the window.  His erection jutted out in front of his lean body casting a shadow across the wall. 

 Adrian had everything that he wanted from them.  All of them.  When he wanted to be another person he just took off one hood and hung it on a nail.  Then he would choose another.  A new one, and pull that person onto himself.

 Adrian was content.  He had it all.  He thought of it as using others to bring out the best in himself.  God had placed many beings inside of him.  Now he was able to dress himself for each of them.

STEVE SIBRA grew up on a farm in eastern Montana where the earth was dry and there were snakes and bugs everywhere you looked.  After college he embraced the world of monsters through his childhood fascination with comic books, which he turned into a career.  His writings have appeared in numerous literary journals and he regularly reads his work at various venues in the greater Seattle area.

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One Response to Just Enough Brains

  1. Nasty! Very vivid–which makes this a cool read.


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