Unseelie Songs

Unseelie Songs by Liúsaidh

For the past year we have published the dark, the horror, and the macabre. The stories that most other mags don’t want to touch or publish because they don’t fit with today’s politically correct themes.

Today we are taking a step further and present the first book published through Trigger Warnings, written by one of our awesome authors.

We’re proud to present these collected mythic works of dark storytelling in classical poetry forms and poetic prose. Passion, loss, and longing fill these pages in this startling, disturbing and darkly beautiful anthology perfect for Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, and the cusp of Winter.



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One Response to Unseelie Songs

  1. Keith Anderson says:

    This is some of the best prose I’ve read wherein is contained a Celtic macabre grimness the likes of which are only elsewhere represented in the tragic mythology of the Gaelic traditional tales. Deeply, darkly, romantically hopeless in nature with a moral one feels in their bones.


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