What we’re looking for:

  • The dark, the macabre, the twisted and weird, the stuff you have hidden in your desk drawer because you’ve been told it’s too dark for other places. We love original dark stories, and the genre of the story doesn’t matter as much as the way the story affects the reader. This means that the backdrop for the story can be everything from fantasy or paranormal, to science fiction or realistic fiction.
  • Stories with a good plot, theme, and interesting characters. We want stories that speak to our readers. Stories that’ll make the small hairs raise on our arms and make us glance at the dark corners of our living room.
  • We accept almost any theme as long as it revolves around the macabre and the dark. This includes; sex, rape, gore, torture, and violence – as long as it has a part in the story and is not just senseless boundary-pushing for the sake of boundary-pushing or lurid titillation with no story, conflict or character development. Vignettes which provide a ‘snapshot’ into a characters psychology are fine.
  • Dark humor is another thing we love. If your story can make the reader laugh and then cringe over it, we will probably love it.

What we’re not looking for:

  • We do not publish commercial erotica. While erotica is awesome, this is not the place for it. We are happy to look at erotic horror and your dark, macabre stories revolving around sex, but if the focus is to sexually arouse the reader, this is probably not the home you are looking for.
  • We’re not interested in political, religious, racist, or hateful stories that are thinly disguised rants from the author. Having characters that might have any of these views is fine, but it has to be an integral part of the story’s conflict.

The written in stone, getting you banned if you break, rule:

  • No sex with kids.

The things written with tiny letters:

  • We seek first serial rights and archival rights. Your work will count as a publication credit. Please make sure you understand what this is before submitting. Rights revert to the author on publication. By submitting to us, you warrant that your work is your own, previously unpublished work and that you own the rights to it.
  • All accepted stories will be posted on the website.
  • At this point we regrettably can’t pay the authors for their stories. We do hope that we at some point get to a place where we can pay our authors for their hard work to show our appreciation.
  • To promote the stories, we post to Instagram. For that we use a single line from the stories to go with a picture (see example). When you submit, you accept that we can use a single line from your story to be posted on Instagram.