Raven Black – Executive Editor and Founder.

Raven Black is an author of dark fiction, and she delights in writing everything from flash fiction to novels. Raven lives with her family in the South of Denmark and claims to be a Viking. Her interests include sailing and sightseeing religious houses on the East Coast of England. You can sometimes find her writing her weird thoughts on her website, or trying to cram her ideas into 140 characters so she can annoy her followers on twitter. She also has a Facebook, but often forgets about it and feels guilty when realizing how empty it is. You can read more about her work at


Alex Maher – Graphic Designer.

Alex is an excellent graphic designer that dreams of being a writer. When he isn’t putting words on paper, suffering from bad spelling, or having delusions of grandeur, he likes to nerd out with “all the good ones” be it music, movies or books. He writes from his desk in Australia, and when he isn’t dodging animals actively trying to kill everything and everyone, you can find his newest musings on his website