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Unseelie Songs

Unseelie Songs by Liúsaidh For the past year we have published the dark, the horror, and the macabre. The stories that most other mags don’t want to touch or publish because they don’t fit with today’s politically correct themes. Today … Continue reading

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My Baby isn’t Ready Yet

By Olivia J. Young She had been lying like a bloated question mark for some time, how long I couldn’t say anymore. I counted days in the pooling sludge that had begun to halo around my wife, and our partially … Continue reading

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The Last Rebirth

By Sandor Kovacs The molecules of its brain get assembled first. The primitive piece of flesh floats inside a skull filled with boiling liquid. Bones lay in perfect order. It cannot feel the heat, though, as the receptors are not … Continue reading

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Arachnid Gift

A Morbid Tale by Jessica Marie Baumgartner Old age plagues my body. I am stiff, sensitive, and rotting. I stomp through my own shit to reach my feeding trough. The wood beams creak under the weight of my body and … Continue reading

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Just Enough Brains

A Macabre Tale by Steve Sibra Every animal has just enough brains to preserve its own hide – dead or alive.  It took Adrian a year to learn how to properly skin a human being.  He studied on the process … Continue reading

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Installation Pieces

A Twisted Tale by Sarah Beaudette 3,462 people responded to Mitchell’s tweet, all of them asking where to send their donations. Mitchell thanked each person from the bottom of his heart and gave the address of his brother’s cold storage … Continue reading

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Call Another Time

A Poem by Gary Beck I kissed the rosey cheek of death before he could prevent me. He glared at my impertinence. No sentimental outbursts please. I do my job without display, in sleepless hours night and day.

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The Carnival of Dreams

A Macabre Poem by Gary Priest The pier sulks like a shipwreck on the crooked coastline. Neon has expired from its once rainbow sweet sign. “Come Enter The Carnival of Dreams” it expounds. Beneath this evil edifice lie bodies broken … Continue reading

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The Leprechaun

Prose Poetry by Liúsaidh Standing stones. Blood on the rocks. Thrice I call you, Mortal Man. Thou hast caught my shoes, so I cannot run. In thy hands, my lantern of dark-light. I cannot lie. Mortal Man, who seeks his … Continue reading

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A Dark Humorous Tale by Herschel Cozine – With apologies to Edgar Allan Poe – So engrossed was I in my studies that I scarcely heard the sound that emanated from the hall outside the door to my study.  I … Continue reading

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